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Town House For Sale In Malta

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The Maltese townhouse is one of the most desired property types on the island. Unique in their timeless style and design, many have been lovingly renovated to high standards while keeping their original charm. Others are just waiting to be refurbished and can be purchased at reasonable prices, leaving plenty of room for investment and profit-making. Some of the key features of the Maltese townhouse include spiralling stone staircases with intricate iron or marble balustrades, wooden boxed balconies, colourful tiles, and wooden doors and shutters painted in colours such as deep red or sky blue.

They are eponymous with traditional Maltese living and enjoy high ceilings, limestone brickwork, and large imposing windows. Such townhouses are great for investment and can be split into flats or sold on to families or high net worth individuals. Alternatively, Maltese townhouses are the perfect passion project for those looking to preserve their timeless style. You can typically find such properties in all urban areas of the country, but areas of interest include Sliema, the Three Cities, Attard, and Gozo.

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