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St Julian’s is perhaps the most lively and bustling part of the entire country. Situated on the coast, it enjoys kilometres of rocky beaches, sandy bays, and picturesque swimming spots. It is also home to most of the country’s nightclubs and bars, as well as cafes, restaurants and boutique hotels. You can also find a luxury yacht marina and an impressive range of designer boutiques in the centre of the town, set against the backdrop of traditional fishing boats and limestone quays in Spinola Bay.

St Julian’s is great for those with money to invest in luxury property and enjoy socialising, music, dining out, entertainment, and shopping. It is also a good location for those working in iGaming, due to many such companies being located nearby. If you are looking for a quiet, sleepy and quintessentially Maltese fishing village to call home, St Julian’s is not it. But if you want to live the high life in one of the country’s most sought after areas, this is the place for you. Popular property types include luxurious penthouses and apartments and some villas and townhouses.

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