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Renovating a home in Malta

Written By March 2, 2022April 11th, 2022No Comments

Are you considering renovating a home in Malta? Whether you want to revamp where you currently live or buy somewhere to rent or flip, renovation can be quite a daunting process. It has a lot of associated costs and relies heavily on the ability of others to do their work properly. That said, the results can increase the value of the property, or transform a space from a house into a home. If renovation is something you are keen to do, here are some of the key things to consider before starting the process.

Do you need planning permission?

When renovating a home in Malta, you need to ensure that any changes you make do not require planning permission. Internal changes will likely not require such, but you need to be entirely sure if you start making changes to the exterior. If you make changes to your property and have not got the required permission to do so, you can get into quite a bit of trouble. Furthermore, you may be required to restore it to how it was before, at your own expense. If you are thinking of building an extension, changing the property’s purpose, areas of it, or other significant changes, always be sure you are doing so entirely legally. An architect or even your trusted real estate professional should be able to advise you of the situation before you start.

Have you taken structural advice?

Laying a new floor or plastering walls is unlikely to impact your property’s stability, but changing staircases, creating split levels, or demolishing interior walls could. When renovating your property in Malta, always check out your plans with a structural engineer who can provide expert advice. Even seemingly small matters such as widening doorways or changing floor plans can result in changes that could impact a property’s structural integrity. There may also be interventions you can make during the renovation process that could improve it in the long run.


Will you do it yourself or go with a third party?

When renovating a home in Malta, another consideration will be whether you carry out the work yourself or bring someone else in to take care of it. Carrying out renovation works can be done by you if you have experience and the time to do it. Furthermore, for larger and more intensive projects, it can be a lot easier to get someone with experience and professional tools to take care of it. When deciding if you will do the work yourself, there are several things you need to weigh up. These include cost, complexity, the scope of work and type of interventions, timescale, and your own ability. While bringing in a third party can push up prices; it can also prevent you from making costly mistakes or extending the process unnecessarily. If you choose to partner with a professional, always ask for testimonies and evidence of previous projects and check the qualifications of those involved.

What is your budget?

How much you can afford to spend on renovating your property will directly impact many decisions you make. If your budget is low, you will likely stick to smaller interventions and DIY. If you have a larger budget , you can afford to spend more on working with third parties and making more significant changes. It will also influence your finishes, styles, and even timescale. When it comes to formulating your budget, do not just pick a number out of thin air. You need to factor in the cost of materials, labour, finishes, electricity, plumbing, unexpected fees, and additionally, costs incurred if there are any delays. For example, if you are renting while the work is done, or you plan to rent out the property, holdups can cause financial difficulties. Factor everything imaginable into your budget and always plan to spend a bit more than you think you will. This will avoid any nasty surprises.

Know your purpose

You must know the reason why you are renovating a property in Malta. Is it to create a lovely family home? To sell at a profit? Or to rent out? Understanding your purpose will help you ascertain your budget, timeline, and what work you want to carry out. For example, interventions for your own home will likely differ from those you might need to do if you plan to rent. Similarly, you can afford to be more creative with your own home, whereas you would have to be more neutral if you plan to sell or rent.

Create a plan of action

Your plan of action should include a detailed timeline of things that need doing, who by, and when. It should consider everyone that has to be involved in the process and a complete evaluation of the tasks they will consider. This timeline should be shared with those involved, such as the architect, engineers, construction workers and the interior designer. Remember to factor in a bit more time for each step than you think you will need to cover any eventualities. Unexpected delays can cost you money, so it is better to finish quicker than expected rather than later.

Be clear about your expectations

When dealing with contractors, there can commonly be many frustrations. For example, not prioritising your project, breakdowns in communication, and issues with the quality of work can cause tensions to simmer and stress levels to rise. The best way to prevent such problems is by laying down your expectations before work starts. Be sure to discuss what you want and need and how and when communication should be maintained. Ensure the timeline is seen and agreed on by all involved. If a third party consistently fails to meet your expectations or breaches the agreements you have in place, be ready to cut ties and find someone else. If a service provider cannot keep to what you have agreed on, can they really be trusted to carry out good-quality work?

Remain optimistic

Remember, renovating a home in Malta or anywhere else can be a stressful and challenging process. Delays, hidden expenses, issues with contractors, bad weather, and not getting the exact shade of tile that you want- there are a million things that can go wrong. But just remember that at the end of it, you will be the owner of a stunning and unique property that has likely shot up in value.