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6 reasons to choose Malta

Written By June 16, 2021August 5th, 2021No Comments

Have you ever thought about living on a sunny island surrounded by turquoise waters? Of course you have! Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading my blog. Some of us dream, plan, or just happen to be lucky enough to live on an island like this. But why would you choose a “rock” – this is what I am going to tell you next!


First: The Sea

What else would be the main reason for choosing to live on an island?  It is of course, the sea. Somehow we are just set up in a way that allows the sea to pull us closer and closer like a magnet. We are fascinated, awed by the mysterious yet comforting world which lets us become one with Mother Nature even if just for a little while. Malta, a gem right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, lures us closer to the world that we have always dreamt of. Our beautiful island surrounded by protected, crystal-clear water full of underwater life has been a popular destination for tourists and expats alike. Rated one of the best diving places in the world, Malta is truly a magical destination! You can hire a boat, jet ski, or join one of the many organised excursions and you will surely have a fantastic time all year around!


Second: Our Beaches

Our blue-flagged beaches from the sandy Mellieha Beach to the rocky Sliema Beach offer a variety of experiences. Moreover, one can find many isolated and easily accessible bays and lagoons all around the island. Our top three beaches are Golden Bay, Riviera Bay, Ghadira Bay; all enjoying crystal-clear water, sandy beaches and ample space to relax, play sport and socialise. Our beaches cater for all ages, from tiny tots to elderly people. We pride ourselves on keeping our beaches clean and safe in order that you can enjoy yourself in a perfect environment. Most of the popular beaches have a life guard on duty who will warn you of any potential danger such as jelly fish and underwater currents. If you feel like having a bite to eat, you don’t have to venture too far as some of our best restaurants are located in the vicinity of the seafront. You can always look up the nearest eatery on your phone as we provide free WI-FI on most beaches.


Third: The Sun

Not many countries in the world have such a lovely climate as Malta. 300 days of uninterrupted sunshine really adds to the quality of life! Even on those rare cloudy or rainy days the sun is always just around the corner. During the winter season, the sun keeps the temperature pleasant and it can be as warm as 16-20 degrees; so, really and truly, can we complain about the weather here? We simply say, “Just Another Beautiful Day”.


Fourth : Our Language

Yes, it is correct. This is, in fact, one of the main reasons why people are so keen on visiting and living in Malta. The only bilingual country in Europe, English is an official language along with Maltese. Most people in Malta speak English fluently with a very easy-to-understand, clear accent. The island has been a popular destination for language students and there are many excellent international schools on the island. English really helps to create a multi-cultural, cosmopolitan society. Nevertheless, regardless of how well you speak, people are always very helpful and patient.


Fifth : Our Location

Malta is a tiny island. Yet, relative to its size, it is one of the most well-connected countries in the world. You can travel from any major European city and with easy access, Malta can easily be reached even from the furthermost countries. One of the most Southern points of Europe, the island’s location is excellent for passengers to embark ships and ferries, and Sicily is only one hour 45 minutes away.


Sixth : Our Society

Malta is a truly Mediterranean nation with a touch of British influence too, given that the country is a member state of the Commonwealth. Being so close to Italy and Africa, one can find many cultural similarities to other nations. Locals are not only friendly and helpful, but it is one of the most welcoming nations in the world. 98% of Maltese are in favour of the EU, so those expats choosing the island as their new home find it easy to integrate and to follow the local culture. The Maltese simply love to celebrate. Along with the number of religious feasts, there are myriad occasions when the nation comes together to celebrate. So, anyone visiting this sunny island is guaranteed a positive experience to treasure forever.